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My Sports

I personally love sports and play several of them. I mostly enjoy Running or Cross Country, Track & Field, and Basketball. Here are some explanations and information about each of those sports

Cross Country

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In Cross Country you run. Pretty simple when you think about it, but as you get deeper into the sport, there's actually a lot more to it than what you see on the surface. While running there are a lot of things that you have to worry about including things like weather, how your body feels, your shoes, your mentality, and what kind of terrain you're running. There is also the added difficulty of having to keep all of this in mind while being dead tired in the middle of a race, which is very hard to do. But despite common belief not all runners are crazy, we run because we like it and sometimes we think that people who don't run are crazy.

Track & Field

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Track and Field is another sport I take take joy in. It is a lot faster than cross country, but it is still just as, if not more fun. There are many "events" in track and field, ranging from running, to throwing, to jumping, and to vaulting. My events are the 800m run, long jump, and pole vault. The 800m is a lot faster than the thre mile courses of cross country, which makes it much faster, and in my opinion, a lot more fun. The long jump, I like because of its speed and strength elements that are mixed together to make the event. Also, the feeling that I get going down the runway, and jumping just before the scratch line is a very cool feeling. My last event, pole vault, is my favorite. It's quite literally a mix of every other event, since you need to be strong, fast, and coordinated to do it. Nothing beats planting the pole in the box, and feeling yourself lifted into the air and over the bar.


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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, one that many people love to play, especially here in the U.S. I'm no exception as I've been playing for basketball since I was 6 or 7. Since then I've joined a basketball league called SEYO, which is a huge organization that manages all the teams that play under it. I've played with my team for almost 10 years. We definately aren't the best team aroud but we always put up a fight. There's a bunch of good guys on that team that I've gotten to know over the years, so I am pretty sure I will be playing with the until we all get too old to play in the league.